Welcome to an Overview

As this is a new platform from the one on which you initially enrolled on for your course. We’ve put together a short overview to familiarize you with the layout and functionality.

It might be helpful to read through this page before logging in.

Logging In

From the menu on this page, click ‘Login.’ 

Enter your email address and select ‘Forgot?’ This sends a password reset link to your email. Go to your email; click the link and create a password.

Logging in will bring you to your dashboard. Click on ‘In Progress Course.’

Getting Familiar

This is your menu when you’ve logged in. You will likely spend most of your time on the Course page and the Discussion Board page.

On your Course page, these are some features and what they do.

Our Discussion Board page is to get to know each other, foster conversations, and post for Discussion Board interactions. You can also use the dropdown to post or ask a question.

May you be blessed, encouraged, and equipped as we share our time together. Please feel free to keep in touch institute@helpherresources.com

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