Voices Break Silence.

Whispering. Roaring. Unwavering.


Father…I remember when

The little girl called out to you

She was sad

Missing her mother

You heard her

And dried her tears

Father…I remember when

The little girl grew to be

A young woman…full of joy

Loving this life, you gave her

Doing life abundantly

Caring for others

Father…I remember when

I was that young woman

You were by my side

And ahead of me

Preparing my way

To trust in you

Father…I remember when

My joy became tears

My peace became fear

But…you were with me

Father…I remember when

You hid us in plain sight

Under the cover of your tent

In our days of trouble

Father…I remember when

You rescued me from the mire

From sure destruction

At the hands of an evil man

Giving me a new song

A song of thanksgiving

Father you placed me in this

Broad, safe place

High upon a rock


I will remember to…

Tell my story

Because you gave me

Grace to stand…to

Flourish in this life

Until you call me home…

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