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Is the art of storytelling something new? Is it simply the latest secular fad? This course will demonstrate that it’s not. The Bible is largely made up of narrative, God’s stories progressively unfolding His truth. History is ‘His Story,’ the story of God moving among His people. His stories tell us of His covenant, His promise of relationship. As the supporting actors in His redemptive plan, our stories fit into His. Story work inevitably leads us to God as it directs our attention toward Him. In story work, we’re asking the hard questions, “Where were you? How did this happen? What does it look like to heal? To forgive? To move on?” In articulating our stories, we’re essentially pleading to know Him.

Join us as we delve into story work, find the words, grieve the losses, hear from Him. If you are a caregiver who wants to learn more about helping sufferers impacted by crises, Theology of Story is for you.

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